Sunday, February 26

Stir fry

So I didn't feel like cooking but I'd told Jeff I'd have stir-fry waiting for him when he got home. I decided to make one just for him and thought I'd blog about it because it looked good.

I used Asia at Home Szechuan sauce

And Hakubaku Organic Udon noodles, both of which you can get at either Woolworths or Coles. We just go to whichever supermarket tickles our fancy on the day so I can't say which of the two they came from.

I also used half a red onion, a carrot, green beans, half a red capsicum, and some broccoli. I would have put in some raw unsalted cashews too but Jeff wouldn't be home for a few hours and they'd go soggy. The finished product looked like this:

And then I just popped it in the fridge ready for when he came home. So easy, not to mention a good way to 'eat a rainbow' as the nutritionists say.

Happy eating! :)

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