Saturday, February 4

Parmesan cheese

So I bit the bullet and tried the vegan parmesan cheese. I bought it from the Organic Market and Cafe in Stirling and it looked like this:
Well, my friends, I hate to tell you this, but it was HORRIBLE! It was literally flour with flavours, and those flavours weren't nice. I'm sure it made me pull a most amusing face though. Another scar I now carry thanks to vegan cheese. However, all is not lost (for vegetarians I mean, sorry vegans), for in Coles the other day my mum discovered grated vegetarian parmesan!!! It comes in a massive bag so I split it up into 4 zip lock bags and froze 3 of them. The packet looks like this:
The cheese has a really creamy texture and the flavour is not too sharp. However, it is made with milk and therefore still supports cruelty in the form of repeated pregnancy which causes lots of health and welfare problems, forced pregnancy and induced labour, and bobby calves, all of which result in slaughter.

Happy eating! :)

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