Sunday, February 26

PETA Vegan College Cookbook

My mum bought me a new cookbook today! It's the PETA Vegan College Cookbook, full of yummy recipes and great food for thought as well. All the recipes either don't require cooking or can be cooked in a microwave (as American college dorms don't usually have stoves!), this means that they are quick and easy. You can of course use a stove if you want to and I think that in some cases it would be tastier if you did (eg shepard's pie). The meals are all cheap, easy and nutritious...well, maybe not all of them are nutritious, for example, Peanut Butter Fudge, which they call Finals Week fudge. It is a very amusing, tongue-in-cheek book, with recipes such as Peace Rally Pea Soup and Half-Assed Chili. It also has a whole 21 page section on peanut butter! Now that's my kind of book! Everyone who is anyone should buy this book, vegan or not.

Happy eating! :)

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