Friday, February 17

Thursday 16 February 2012

Uncle Toby's Honey Oats which I made with water instead of milk like the instructions say you can. I don't recommend it, it tasted awful.

For lunch I had some kind of microwave spinach and ricotta cannelloni which I forgot to photograph. I was gross. It tasted very fake and processed. It wasn't a frozen microwave meal either, it was just a keep-on-the-shelf one. Maybe that's why it was so bad. Anyway, I won't be having it again.

Dinner at the shopping centre last night. I had a double cut wholemeal roll with avocado, carrot, lettuce, olives, capsicum, tomato, and bocconcini cheese. I also had a milkshake that was made of banana, milk, ice-cream, and chocolate topping. Mmmm.

After dinner I had some Goaties, which are little freeze dried chocolate goats' milk buttons that Mum found in Coles. I liked them but Jeff didn't.

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