Sunday, February 12

The return!

Hello everybody! The virus issue is resolved and I've returned! Here are some of the highlights from a week of gastronomical adventures.

Oat and Raisin cookies from Coles.

Cheese biscuits that I made myself. The recipe can be found here.

Melinda's Tuscan Style Risotto Cakes. They're quite easy to make and would be good finger food at parties or for a picnic.

They look like this when they're cooked.

I took some for lunch the next day with a fresh salad of mixed lettuce, carrot, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber.

My mum made a feast of Sri Lankan curry (vegan), rice, and homemade chapatis.

For dessert she made one of her specialties, sweet rice. It is a Hare Krishna recipe and basically consists of milk, rice, spices, and lots of sugar. Delicious.

Jeff made me a schnitzel burger using a Fry's Vegetarian Crumbed Schnitzel, toasted bread, cheese, lettuce, and tomato sauce.

I discovered a great yoghurt at the supermarket, Five AM Vanilla Bean. It's so good I couldn't stop eating it! And, of course, it doesn't use gelatin as a thickener. Yay!

I had it with strawberries.

I had it with tinned peaches, and I just had it by itself!

I found a Lean Cuisine Pumpkin, Spinach, and Ricotta Lasagna and was quite excited because I look at the frozen meals every now and then and they always all seem to have meat in them. However, I noticed that Woolworths have started stocking a lot more vegetarian ones. They are expensive but when you're feeling lazy they're great.

Pizza on toast! One of my inventions from many years ago. Basically, you toast your bread, spread some tomato paste on it, put some herbs on and whatever other toppings you want, put it under the grill and then... you have pizza on toast! Mmmm...

This was a snack lunch I packed for myself to take to work one day. I've always been a snack person, I like to have variety in my meal. I also like to take snack lunches when we're running low on things such as leftovers or instant meals, which is what I usually have for lunch. Here we have some watermelon, red seedless grapes, and an apple (all vegan obviously), an Uncle Toby's Chewy Choc Chip Muesli Bar, and some vegie chips. I've forgotten the brand name of the vegie chips and I've finished the packet so I can't go look. I believe they are vegan but again, I can't go look. I eat them quite a lot though so I'll post about them again. I get them down the health food aisle, though with the amount of salt on them I doubt they're healthy.

I've been really getting into tinned peaches. I like to eat them all the time now. I've been buying the Weight Watchers brand ones because I like to think they're healthier than the other brands. I know they're not though. Here I have some peaches on my Kelloggs Just Right with a glass of breakfast juice.

There is also another delicious yoghurt out there! The Yoghurt Shop has heaps of scrummy flavours with big chunky bits of real ingredients. What's better is that none of the yoghurts have gelatin in them! The Yoghurt Shop also sells dips. The yoghurt I bought was banana caramel. God it was good. I ate the whole tub in 2 days, almost all of it in one sitting. I'm hooked now, I want more. The Yoghurt Shop goes down as a cool company for eliminating gelatin.

I also tried something I've never tried before. I made some Uncle Toby's Honey Oats and put some chopped up strawberries and chopped tinned peach in it. It was great! I definitely recommend it.

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