Thursday, February 23

Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 February 2012

Over the past two days I've been spending some quality time with Jeff instead of blogging. So shoot me. Here are the highlights of the past two days.

Nachos made with baked beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes, mexican chilli powder, cheese, and plain corn chips.

As it was Shrove Tuesday we had some pancakes for dessert. I made them from scratch using a recipe I found on the internet. They were really good!

Went shopping on Wednesday to prepare for the Lent Vegan Challenge. I saw these cold rolls and thought they'd be a good shopping centre meal when I go vegan, as long as they didn't have egg in them. So I tried them and they didn't and they were yummy. I'm going to make my own.

After putting off the Lent Vegan Challenge for one day because Wednesday's dinner was already planned, we didn't even end up having it! Instead we had hamburgers made with Fry's burgers and the only rolls we could find in the supermarket that weren't glazed with milk and egg! Lucky they were nice rolls, and cheap! I had a piece of cheese on mine to say goodbye to the dairy days. From now on I will be vegan until Easter Monday!

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