Sunday, February 19

Vegan food for thought

Through some web surfing I have just discovered an awesome Adelaide blog called Little Vegan Steps. One of the posts in particular caught my attention, On ex-vegans: why people become, stay, or stop being vegan. I think that this is relevant to anyone who is vegetarian, vegan, or thinking of becoming vegetarian or vegan.

The blog has also flared that desire I have to be vegan. I am one of the people mentioned who says "I want to, but it's too hard because I like dairy too much" etc. God knows I've tried vegan alternatives but I really hate them. And If I was vegan I would have to do so much more cooking, which I really don't have the time to do. It would probably help if I had some vegan friends. Is that a good enough excuse though? Does that excuse me for supporting all the things I'm trying to work against through being vegetarian, slaughter, abuse, and animal cruelty?

Cognitive dissonance. That's what this is called, when you have an internal conflict raging inside you. It is a psychological state caused when a person's beliefs and their actions are in conflict. It's extremely uncomfortable and stressful to live with and eventually something's got to give. Either the person changes their beliefs to fit their actions, or they change their actions to fit their beliefs. Do I think I will eventually go vegan? Yes. How that will affect my life though, I can't say. I think my vegan side will eventually win this war that is raging inside me, as my vegetarian side won over my... omnivorous side? I'm actually still omnivorous because I still eat dairy, eggs, and honey. So vegan is actually... vegetarian. And vegetarian is... not. Interesting. Food for thought my friends.

Well, when the vegan side does eventually win out, at least there are more and more vegan companies growing. An interesting one that was mentioned on Little Vegan Steps is Rose Petals Vegan Weddings. Now that's a nice thought isn't it? I mean, ok sure they appear to be based in the United States, but the site still gives lots of ideas for anyone wanting to have a cruelty-free wedding. Or any type of event really.

If you live in Adelaide, there is also an amazing vegan cook called Pixie who runs Tasty Goodness. She does catering and you can buy some of her delicious creations at the Gillies Street markets. Check out the facebook page for updates on when she's going to be there.

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