Sunday, March 4

Friday 2 March 2012

Day 9 of vegan challenge.

Tip Top fruit toast, which I burned and had to cut pieces off of.

Still hungry after the meagre amount of toast I had that wasn't charred, so I had a bowl of Kelloggs Sustain with Sanitarium Soy Milk.

Cold rolls filled with avocado, mushroom, grated carrot, and finely chopped mixed lettuce. Also, an Ari Bar, a Leda Fruit Bar, and some prunes and sultanas.

A 'chicken' wrap after a late night at the movies. The bread was wholemeal pita, with Fry's Chicken-style Strips, tomato, grated carrot, shredded baby spinach, and mashed avocado.

A mushroom (while making lunch).

A bag of Thins Original Chips at the movies. And a lemonade.

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