Sunday, March 18

Saturday 17 March 2012

Day 23 of vegan challenge.

Strawberry jam on toast. Looked less like tomato paste on toast than this picture:

I surprised Jeff with some little chocolate pastries, of which I ate many. They were really easy to make, the large one is just a Sweet William chocolate bar encased in puff pastry, and the long thin one contains a mixture of Sweet William Chocolate Spread, crunchy peanut butter, and a bit of Nuttelex (so it's not too dry). I would love to provide a recipe for these but really, the ratios of different ingredients depends on personal taste. I just kept adding more of each until I was happy with how it tasted. The little hearts are just leftover pastry with some sugar sprinkled on top. Anyway, these chocolate pastries are DELICIOUS! What are you waiting for? Go make some!

I went to a gathering and didn't want to look like a weirdo photographing everything. So here is a, surprisingly good, drawing of what I ate. There were lots of Arnott's Jatz biscuits, some plain salted corn chips, carrot sticks, celery sticks, sliced orange, and sliced banana.

Toasted rye bread with Nuttelex, a cup of ginger tea, and veggie mash made with potato, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, corn, and peas.

A spoonful of Sweet William Chocolate Spread.

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