Wednesday, March 14

Hungry Jacks veggie burgers are not vegetarian! (Let alone vegan!)

I was thinking of having a Hungry Jacks veggie burger today and obviously the cheese on it isn't vegan but I was going to get one without cheese. I thought I should look up the ingredients of the patty online to make sure that it didn't have any animal products in it (I was pretty sure it was going to). Well, what I found out was astounding. The cheese and the veggie patty have rennet in them! The burger itself is not even vegetarian! What kind of a company makes a veggie burger and then puts rennet in it?! I guess this is why you should research fast food to see what's really in it rather than assuming that you're not being lied to. Or mislead, I should say. It's not a 'vegetarian burger' after all, but still, who's their demographic?!

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