Sunday, March 4

Saturday 3 March 2012

Day 10 of vegan challenge.

Freedom Foods Quick Oats instant porridge (which you make in the microwave). It was nice but I don't know if it was better than my instant(ish) porridge. It was different, but it wasn't better. And even though the box says the only ingredient is oats, it just didn't seem as...wholesome, as the one I made. Anyway, it was still nice.

Amy's Lentil Soup with Abbott's Bakery Wholemeal Toast with Nuttelex. If you have never had Amy's soups then get onto it! This one is great, I could eat it every day! It tastes so homemade too, not anything like tinned soup!

After lunch, I went to a gathering at my aunty's house and she made some delicious little vegan pastries for me. They are made with spring roll wrappers, vegan pesto (homemade I believe) and half a grape cherry tomato. Very nice! I ate the whole plate!

I also had some grapes.

Creamy pumpkin pasta which my very picky, meat-loving, pumpkin-hating, 10 year old sister devoured within minutes (hers, not mine).

Some sultanas while studying.

An Original Arnott's Cruskit.

Some prunes (still studying!).

The last of the peanut butter fudge.

A little Sweet William chocolate bar, or two. Again, my picky sister ate heaps of these! I had to stop her or there'd be none left! They are really good chocolates.

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