Thursday, March 29

A quick catch up on the past week

Hello everyone! I do apologize for being so silent all week, everything has just been very hectic and crazy for me! I should be returning to daily blogging starting tomorrow but in the meantime, let's look at some of the gastronomic highlights of the past week.

Some homemade pizzas, with tomato paste and herbs, capsicum, pineapple, mushrooms, and baby spinach.

A vegie burger and chips from my local chicken and chip shop. They don't even use vegie patties so you don't have to worry about milk additives, they use a potato fritter instead. The only change I had to make to veganify it was to swap the mayonnaise for tomato sauce. I didn't want mayonnaise on my burger anyway! One thing to watch out for though for all vegans and vegetarians, always ask for plain salt. Chicken/fish and chip shops seem to be obsessed with chicken salt, most of which contain real chicken.

Some homemade minestrone soup, lovely and warming on a cold night!

Burritos made with an Old El Paso Burrito Kit. We used baked beans mixed with the spice sachet and a little water, rice, capsicum, corn, tomato, baby spinach, and the salsa that comes in the kit. Delicious.

We had plenty of ingredients left over from making the burritos so the next day I mixed them all up together and made a salad to take to work for lunch. I used the baby spinach, corn, capsicum, tomato, rice, and a tin of 4 bean mix, seasoned with olive oil and pepper. I also had an Aribar and a Leda bar.

My mum, in all her loveliness, made a delicious lemon drizzle cake (using egg replacer of course) and a whole lot of vegan chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse mix is Orgran brand and our local health food shop stocks it. It was great and I ate heaps of it, and heaps of cake!

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