Tuesday, March 13

Monday 12 March 2012

Day 19 of vegan challenge.

We went to the WOMADedlaide festival! Every year when we go, it's just a day of eating. We don't restrict ourselves with 'meal times', we eat all the time! For this reason, there will be no meal headings, this entire day shall be classified as snacks.

Firstly, there was a snack of prunes and soy milk before we left home.

On arrival, I had a Moroccan vegetable dish with rice.

It was pretty hot so I cooled off with an "Indian Summer" smoothie from a raw vegan stall. The smoothie had banana, mango, mint, lemon, spinach and cos lettuce. It was great, you couldn't even taste the spinach and lettuce but you were still getting all that goodness. The mint made it so refreshing too.

Throughout the day I had many, many cups of soy chai. The best chai in the world is at WOMADelaide!

I also had 2 Hungarian cinnamon and sugar 'breads'. These were just like gigantic doughnuts! They were fried in rice bran oil which was delicious, they were nice and crunchy but soft in the middle. I savoured the moment as I haven't found any vegan doughnuts in a shop yet.

I had two buckets of delicious chips with a smokey Cajun sauce (the shop sign said which sauces were vegan and which weren't). This sauce was THE BEST! It was amazing! I wish they sold it so I could take it home, I'd put it in everything!

Then there was a Buddha Ball, I'm not sure what was in it but I know it had chocolate (vegan of course), coconut, and nuts.

Lastly, from my good friends the Hare Krishnas, I had a feast plate of rice, mixed vegetable curry, kofta balls, and tomato relish sauce. The kofta was to die for!

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